Faculty, Teaching, and Research

Faculty rights and responsibilities are governed primarily by the policies set forth in the University’s Faculty Manual, as well as those listed on the right side of this page. Faculty are also subject to certain University policies listed under other categories throughout this website. For example, faculty are subject to many of the policies located under the Employment, Workplace Rules, and Benefits category. Faculty should also check the Legal Notices page for important governmental, statutory, and regulatory notices related to the terms of their employment. Members of collective bargaining units may be subject to different or additional policies as set forth in the terms of their respective bargaining agreements.

Academic Rules
The Syracuse University Course Catalog contains the complete and official version of the Academic Rules governing undergraduate and graduate students. It supersedes all previously published versions of these rules. The general rules in the Undergraduate Course Catalog also apply to graduate students. Additional rules specific to graduate students appear in the Graduate Course Catalog.

Faculty Manual
In addition to the policies listed to the right, rules and policies relating to faculty appointments, promotion, tenure, and research are codified in the online Faculty Manual. It is also available in print format from the office of the Senate Recorder. In the event of a conflict with any print version, the online edition controls.