Campus Posting Policy

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Faculty, staff, and students

Policy Statement

Only general purpose bulletin boards may be used for posting. Posters or flyers may not be placed on interior or exterior walls, floors doors, windows, sidewalks, statues or public art. Using masking tape, paste, glue, spray adhesives, nails heavy gauge staples, or other metal fasteners for posting is prohibited. Other prohibited behavior includes: posting messages or symbols on grassy areas, hanging banners on external surfaces without first obtaining permission, and causing damage to personal or University property.

All posted information must include the name of the sponsoring organization, department or responsible individual, as well as the date, time and location of the program. Posted information requires the approval from the appropriate department as required by the location.

  • Academic facilities: Dean’s Office or building coordinator
  • Residence halls: Office of Residence Life, Suite 200, 111 Waverly Avenue, 443-3637
  • Dining Halls/ Eateries: Office of the Director, 201 Ainsley Drive, 443-3608
  • Student Centers: Student Centers & Programming Services, 228D Schine Student Center, 443-4240
  • Exterior: Chalking and banners; recognized student organizations and departments may request to chalk (with water soluble chalk) outside on the Syracuse University Quad non-brick sidewalk areas. Syracuse University Quad sidewalks are defined as the quadrangle bounded by Hendricks Chapel, Link Hall, Carnegie Library, Hinds Hall, and Huntington Beard Crouse Hall. Recognized student organizations and departments may request permission to hang banners outside the Schine Student Center. Request forms for campus chalking and use of the banner space on the Schine Student Center are available at Student Centers & Programming Services, 228D Schine Student Center.

Each school or college, academic facility, and administrative building has formulated procedures for posting material within its own confines. In the event a specific posting policy by an academic or administrative facility conflicts with the requirements set forth here, that procedure takes precedence over these requirements.

Policy Administration

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Date: September 26, 2005