Recognized Student Organizations Policy



Policy Statement

Recognized student organizations, including all social fraternities and sororities and their governing bodies, are formed for educational, professional, social, recreational, or other lawful purposes. Recognized student organizations provide experiential learning and leadership development opportunities for students. These experiences have been shown to enhance student satisfaction with University life and often lead to lifelong friendships, civic involvement, and the development of critical skills. While recognition of a student organization does not imply University sponsorship of or control over the activities of the student organization, the Office of Student Activities provides an extensive array of services and programs designed to assist students in achieving their organizational objectives.

Recognition of a student organization requires:

  • A current typewritten constitution on file with the Office of Student Activities.
  • Submission of completed Student Organization Application for Recognition. New social, Greek-letter fraternities and sororities also must participate in the Greek Expansion Project to be considered for recognition.
  • Except in unusual circumstances, a minimum membership of four currently enrolled Syracuse University or ESF students and a minimum of four officers.
  • A student organization mentor who is a full-time faculty or staff member at Syracuse University or ESF.
  • Compliance with the Code of Student Conduct and all other applicable policies of Syracuse University, including, where applicable, the Minimum Standards for Recognition of Syracuse University Social, Greek-Letter Organizations.
  • Participation in required recognized student organization training, workshops, and leadership development activities.
  • Approval by the Office of Student Activities.

For additional information concerning applicable policies, procedures, and experiential learning opportunities, contact the Office of Student Activities at 443-2718 or For information regarding recognized student organizations at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, contact the Office of Activities and Organizations, 110 Bray Hall, 315-470-6658.

Policy Administration

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Date: August 2005
Amended: 8/20/10