Same Sex Domestic Partnership, Student’s Affirmation of



Policy Statement

In keeping with its continued commitment to providing a quality educational experience in a welcoming environment, Syracuse University extends same-sex domestic partner benefits to full-time students.

Same-sex domestic partner benefits offer full-time students the opportunity to access benefits for their same-sex domestic partner similar to those currently available to a student’s spouse, including:

  • University identification cards, which are required to gain access to campus services such as the library, recreational facilities, and computing resources, and;
  • University housing.

To apply for these benefits, a Student Affirmation of Same-Sex Domestic Partnership form must be completed through the Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for Inclusion, Community, and Citizenship. Specific documentation of the domestic partnership required for this application will be kept strictly confidential.

Policy Administration

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Date: October 2005
Amended: 8/20/10