Dance Party Policy


Students and guests

Policy Statement

Admission for the Syracuse University and SUNY ESF students or alumni to dance parties occurring on Syracuse University -owned, -operated, or controlled property requires a valid ticket and a valid SU/SUNY ESF ID, or SU alumni card/fraternity or sorority membership card or other college ID or picture ID that proves that they are 18 years of age or older.

Admission for guests of a Syracuse University or ESF student requires a valid ticket, college ID, or fraternity/sorority membership card as well as continuous accompaniment by an SU or ESF student upon admittance and throughout the dance party and the presentation of a valid photo ID with proof of age (18 years of age or older).

Entrance requirements include patrons being searched for weapons, alcohol, and other drugs. Entrance will be prohibited to persons appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No beverage containers are permitted inside the facility before, during, or after the event. In addition, backpacks, weapons, beverage containers, recording devices, canes, and sticks (or other hand carried implements), will not be allowed into the event. If discovered inside, the patron must surrender items in question or leave event.

Attendees will not be allowed readmission once they have departed from the venue. Once the event reaches capacity, admission will end for the evening. No waiting line will be maintained after capacity is reached. Any patron of an activity held on Syracuse University property who is found participating in unsafe practices (e.g. moshing, slam dancing, etc.) as deemed by the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Risk Management, or other University officials, is expected to cooperate with the request of an SU official to discontinue the practice. Patrons are further required to adhere to all other University policies governing behavior. Violators of this policy are subject to referral to the University Judicial System for disciplinary action and/or referral to law enforcement for other appropriate action.

A minimum of four students from the sponsoring organization must be present for the entire event to assist the event staff if necessary. Two of these students must be present at the event roll call prior to the opening of the venue.

Tickets will continue to be sold at the Schine Student Center Box Office until the close of doors for the dance party. All complimentary (comp) tickets will be handled through the Schine Student Center Box Office. The sponsoring organization(s) will provide to the Schine Student Center Box Office a list of patrons who are authorized to receive a comp ticket. The patrons must present themselves with a valid I.D. at the Schine Student Center Box Office. Extra, unused, or unclaimed comp tickets will not be given to anyone (including members of the sponsoring organization) other than the listed patrons. At the prior request of the sponsoring organization(s) to the Box Office, there may be up to five additional comp tickets set aside for unanticipated patrons.

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Date: November 1, 2001
Amended: 10/8/13