Career Fairs/Events, Recruiting Release and Compliance Agreement Policy

Career Fairs/Events, Recruiting Release and Compliance Agreement Policy


Students, alumni, and guests

Policy Statement

Career Fairs/Events


  • Students MUST sign in at the check-in desk.
  • Any student attempting to enter without signing in will be asked to do so.

Unacceptable Behavior

The events are designed to allow individual students access to employment opportunities. Specifically, they allow students to have one-on-one conversations with employer representatives. They are not designed for any kind of mass communication targeting students or employers. Behaviors that infringe upon the intended activity will not be allowed. Therefore,

  • Students may not carry signs or banners into the auditorium.
  • Students may not wear a “theatrical costume” clearly designed to create a public spectacle.
  • Students may not make public announcements in the auditorium, chant slogans, or otherwise behave in such a way that creates a disturbance.
  • Students may not bring any kind of visual or audio recording equipment into the fair without prior permission from a representative of the career fair organizing committee.


Any individual or group of students who violate these guidelines will be removed from the event and subject to sanctions related to misconduct according to regulations stated in the Student Handbook.

Any event representative who suspects that a student intends to violate these guidelines may question the student’s intentions and advise him/her of the protocol.

The Department of Public Safety and/or other appropriate administrators will be notified immediately if any student demonstrates a disregard for the guidelines stated above.

Recruiting Release and Compliance Agreement

  1. All students who wish to utilize placement services must agree to conform to ethical and professional practices throughout the recruiting process and grant the Career Services Network explicit permission to forward their resumes to interested employers, including:
    • On-Campus Interviews
    • Off-Campus Interviews
    • Employers Attending On-Campus Career Events
    • Employers Requesting Resume Exchanges
    • Employers Utilizing the On-Line Resume Books
  2. All students must grant Career Services permission to release G.P.A. and citizenship verification, resume and supporting materials, information on degree programs, majors, graduation date, and contact information to organizations participating in career programs.
  3. All students must attest to the accuracy and content of the information that appears on their resumes.
  4. All students who wish to participate in on-campus interviews arranged by the Career Services Network must comply with the following:Any student who signs up for a specific interview slot on an employer’s schedule is obligated to conduct the interview at the appointed time. Once the slot is claimed the interview may NOT be cancelled. A “no-show” for an on-campus interview not only damages the student’s reputation, but also that of Career Services and Syracuse University. Late arrival or failure to appear for an interview may result in suspension from the On-Campus Interviewing Program.
  5. Any student accepting a job offer or deciding on graduate school should notify the Center for Career Services immediately and withdraw from the On-Campus Recruiting Program.

Policy Administration

Amended: April 2007