Federal, State, and Local Officials, Contacting and Communicating With


Faculty and staff

Policy Statement

The Office of Government and Community Relations is charged with advancing the University’s interests at all levels of federal, state and local government and is the designated point of contact for government officials and their staff. This policy for contacting and communicating with officials at all levels of government has been established to ensure a coordinated and effective government relations program and ensure compliance with federal, state and local lobbying laws.

When acting in your capacity as an SU employee, you must:

  • Contact the Office of Government and Community Relations prior to contacting, communicating with, or visiting any official, staff member, or agency of the federal, state, and local governments.
  • Contact the Vice President for Research regarding any contacts that pertain to sponsored research.
  • Consult with the Office Government and Community Relations on any verbal or written statements made on behalf of the University that concern federal, state, or local policies, legislation, or regulations.
  • Request authorization and assistance from the Office of Government and Community Relations prior to providing testimony or appearing before federal, state, or local government bodies.
  • Coordinate all invitations to visit campus to elected officials, their staff, or employees of governmental departments/agencies with the Office Government and Community Relations.

The Office of Government and Community Relations, in conjunction with the Senior Vice President and General Counsel, will determine if interaction with a federal, state, or local elected official, staff member, or agency/department is considered a reportable lobbying activity.

Contacts and communications to government officials, staff members, or agencies in your capacity as an individual citizen are not covered by this policy. However, the following guidelines should be observed to ensure your actions or statements will not be interpreted as representing the University.

  • All contacts with elected officials or government agencies for personal or other non-University purposes, whether in person or in writing, should be clearly identified as such.
  • University resources, including but not limited to letterhead, telephones, and e-mail accounts should not be used in communications to elected officials or governmental departments/agencies for personal or non-University purposes.

Policy Administration

Date: July 2006
Amended: June 2009