Access to Alumni and Development Information Systems and Data



Policy Statement

Access to information that is internal to the Office of Institutional Advancement (IA) shall be authorized by IA directors/senior executives and shall be relevant to their respective areas as needed to conduct normal University business operations.

All requests for alumni and development information must be submitted by a department’s approved data user. The request must include an explanation of why, how, where, and when the information will be used. Acting on behalf of the University, the Department reserves the right to clarify, understand, and approve the use of the alumni and development information that it collects and maintains.

Anyone granted access to alumni and development data and information, regardless of format, must comply with the following:

  • Request for on-line (desktop or remote) access must be sent through the FAST system to Advancement Services’ delegated approver, who is the Manager of Access and Data Security, and must outline the use and the type of information needed.
  • Requests for access to the development data warehouse must also be submitted to the Manager of Access and Data Security, who will review and submit them to Information and Technology Services for approval.
  • The Security Policy agreement form must be completed and submitted before one can receive a password to access the alumni and development information system. The form can be submitted either to the requestor’s information coordinator or to the manager of Access and Data Security for Advancement Services.
  • Training on the use and the correct definition and interpretation of the data is provided by Advancement Services.
  • Requests for retrieval and programming can be submitted via the Internet or in writing to Advancement Services for review and approval. Approved requests are processed by the Technical Systems and Services Group.
  • Information and standard reports ordered through Advancement Services and provided by the Technical Systems and Services Group may be available to authorized users in several formats, (lists, labels, CDs, diskettes, zip disks, FTP files) for which there may be a fee.

Policy Administration


Amended: September 2005