Purchasing Policy – Printers, Copiers, Multifunction Devices

I. General Policy Statement

This policy seeks to standardize the procurement of copiers, printers, multifunction copier-printer devices, toner and maintenance services. This will be accomplished by ensuring that IT specialists, familiar with printing equipment and servicing arrangements, approve every request before any order is placed.

This policy applies to all spending for University colleges, schools, and departments located on the Syracuse University campus or in the city of Syracuse, for both sponsored and non-sponsored funds. The policy is encouraged for University units operating outside the city of Syracuse.

II. Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy restructures purchasing policies in order to meet the printing needs of campus constituencies at lower cost while incorporating network security standards, accurate asset management procedures and an environmentally responsible footprint.

III. Policy

All requests to purchase a copier, printer, multifunction device, whether new or as a replacement, or purchase equipment servicing must first be reviewed by the supporting unit’s Information Technology (IT) Department support manager (to identify the applicable IT support manager, please visit: http://its.syr.edu/supportsvc/).

The supporting IT department will work with the unit placing the request to evaluate and confirm the need for the device or servicing request. This process will identify the need for private printing, any existing alternatives, and the available load capacity on those machines.

Purchasing will place all orders for a copier, printer or multifunction device (including warranty and accessory options) through existing University preferred vendors and send them to the supporting IT manager to secure the device and add it to the University’s network. (see Procedures section below) Departments will be able to order toner through a designated page in ePro.

Departments will be able to order toner through a designated page in ePro.

IV. To Whom Does This Policy Apply

Faculty, Staff and Student Organizations

V. Appendices

  1. Procedures
    1. Units ready to purchase a printer or copier should first contact their supporting Information Technology (IT) department to discuss their needs (to identify the applicable IT support department, please visit: http://its.syr.edu/supportsvc/dsp/dsplist.pdf).
    2. The supporting IT department will work with the unit to evaluate the request and confirm the need for the device or servicing request.
      1. If the request can be efficiently met with existing resources or services, the unit’s IT support manager will complete all necessary steps to meet the need without requiring a purchase.
      2. If the IT support manager determines that the request cannot be met with existing resources or services, that manager will provide a list of approved devices or services to the requestor from which a selection shall be made.
        1. The IT support manager must approve the selection in writing (e.g., by form or email). This approval will be based on anticipated printing volumes of the requestor, and demonstrated need for additional options, as well as other factors that the support manager determines to be relevant. When the request involves a copier or multi-functional device, the IT support manager will seek input from Print Services before approving a request.
        2. Once approved by the IT support manager, the requestor may place the order through the ePro portal using the appropriate departmental funding chart string by logging into http://myslice.syr.edu.
        3. All purchase requisitions must list the IT support manager, or a member of the supporting IT department as the recipient of the equipment or key point of contact for any servicing arrangements
        4. Upon receiving the equipment, the IT support manager, or a designated member of the supporting IT department, will notify the requestor and, in a timely fashion, prepare the device for deployment by following the campus guidelines for securing an imaging device on the University’s network.


What are the relevant consequences for non-compliance with this policy?

The purchase of copiers, printers, multifunction devices, toner, and maintenance services from unapproved vendors and by means other than the approved procurement channels is not permitted.

The purchase of copiers, printers, multifunction devices, or maintenance services may not be made using a University procurement card, ID or any other procurement method.

Copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and maintenance services purchased from unapproved vendors or without prior approval from the supporting unit’s Information Technology (IT) Department IT support manager will not be connected to the network.

Will this affect the way I print?

No. The new policy addresses the way printers, copiers and toners are purchased and secured on the network. This will not affect the way faculty, staff and students print. The new policy will enable us to increase printing flexibility, such as allowing remote printing from mobile devices, in the coming years.

Will this affect the current printers and copiers on campus?

No. Unless there is a reason to make a new printer or copier purchase such as age, compatibility or security concerns, all printers and copiers will stay in use regardless of make or model.

How will I order a new printer or copier?

Just contact your IT support group. They will work with you, Purchasing and Printing Services to choose the best copier or printer from the standardized models to meet your needs. A technician will purchase the equipment and make sure the printer or copier is properly set up and secured when it arrives.

Why can’t I choose a specific brand of copier or printer I am accustom to using?

By channeling the university’s buying power through a single vendor, we are able to obtain the very best prices and support.

Will training be available?

Absolutely. Your IT support group will coordinate training sessions with the appropriate vendor based on your specific needs so that you or your department will feel comfortable using your new printer or copier.

Can I still make printer, copier and toner purchases using a procurement credit card or university ID?

No. All printer and copier purchases must go through your IT support group, who will coordinate procurement through ePro or a paper requisition. Non-IT staff may continue to purchase toner and other consumables, but only through ePro or a paper requisition to ensure the purchase goes through the University’s supplier for the best price. Neither printers nor consumables may be purchased on a procurement card.

Can I still make printer, copier and toner purchase using my personal funds and get reimbursed by the university?

No. All purchases must go through purchasing via ePro or a requisition. Reimbursement for personal purchases will no longer be permitted.

What if I have special printing needs such as a 3D or inkjet printer that is not available through the standardized models or approved vendor?

Not a problem! Your IT support group will work with you and the Purchasing department to procure the exact printer that will meet your needs.

I don’t need a new printer or copier. Can I still save money?

Yes! By ordering consumables such as toner and fusers for your existing models though the purchasing department, you will be paying the lowest prices available.

I still have questions, who can I speak to?

You can contact your IT support group and they will answer any questions or concerns.

Date: January 29, 2015