Security of and Secure Remote Access to Information Technology Systems and Resources


  • All users of Information Technology (IT) systems and resources, including but not limited to Syracuse University students, faculty, and staff
  • All systems, networks, and facilities administered by central computing groups, and individual schools, departments, units, University laboratories, and other University-based entities
  • All equipment connected to the campus networks, including but not limited to photocopy machines, small portable hard drives, flash memory cards, handheld communication devices such as Blackberry, Treo, etc., and privately owned devices not managed or maintained by Syracuse University

Policy Statement

All individuals using information technology devices connected to the Syracuse University network are required to manage the security of those devices in accordance with security standards established by Information Technology and Services (ITS) and posted on the ITS web site including, but not limited to, security standards for desktops, servers, authentication/passwords, data, applications and middleware.

All individuals accessing Syracuse University enterprise or confidential data from a non-campus location, or transporting such data off-campus on electronic devices, must be authorized to do so and must comply with all University IT security standards. Consult the Remote Access Authorization Process on the ITS web site to secure authorization.

Policy Administration

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