Wireless Network and Systems


  • All users of information technology systems and resources, including but not limited to Syracuse University students, faculty, and staff
  • All systems, networks, and facilities administered by central computing groups, and individual schools, departments, units, University laboratories, and other University-based entities
  • All wireless devices excluding licensed radio systems.

Policy Statement

Syracuse University reserves the right to restrict the use of all wireless devices in University-owned buildings and all outdoor spaces on University property.

Information Technology and Services (ITS) is assigned the responsibility for managing and coordinating the use of wireless devices in all locations, and is authorized to order any individual or University facility that operates a wireless device that interferes with the integrity of any other wireless service, or undermines measures put in place to protect University computing resources and data, to cease operations immediately.

ITS must also evaluate any unlicensed wireless-based non-network system before it is purchased or installed for compatibility and co-existence with other wireless production systems. These wireless systems include, but are not limited to, building monitoring, classroom presentation, classroom response, security systems, retail systems, and wireless research endeavors. Licensed radio systems are not part of this policy.

Syracuse University network security policies and standards will be strictly enforced across the wireless network, while ITS “best-practices” will guide the coordination of non-networked wireless systems.

Policy Administration

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Date: May 2008