Information Technology Planning for New and Renovated Spaces


This policy covers all spaces planned for new and renovated Syracuse University facilities on and off-campus.

Policy Statement

University policy for addressing the opportunities and implications of information technology upgrades in new and renovated spaces includes the following elements:

  • When a major renovation or new construction project is approved for planning, the administrator responsible for the occupant space program, the Director of Campus Planning, Design and Construction or his/her designee and the Chief Information Officer or his/her designee will appoint a joint committee for the collaborative planning of the information technology component of the project, as an integral part of the design planning process. This planning should begin early and should be essentially complete before construction planning is complete.
  • All information technology elements must conform to Information Technology and Services (ITS) standards and be approved by ITS.
  • The final technology plan should specify the total capital costs of all information technology components, and the source of funding should be identified.
  • The final technology plan should specify the total ongoing support costs, including added user support, technical support, licenses, and appropriate replacement cost budgets. The source of funding for all support costs, and existing resources already available for support of the current environment, should be identified.

Information technology is an important component of the infrastructure improvements that can occur whenever a unit experiences a major space renovation or builds a new building. The creation of new space brings opportunities for new implementations of information technology that may be able to advance the mission of the unit, but these new implementations may have cost or compatibility implications that must be addressed in the planning process.

Policy Administration

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Amended: May 2008