Access to and Use of University Premises and Equipment


Faculty, staff, students, and guests

Policy Statement

Syracuse University is a private institution and access to and use of its facilities, premises, and equipment is a privilege extended to students, faculty, staff and others in its sole discretion for purposes of authorized University business.

Anyone found on University property without authorization, or who is unable to produce appropriate identification upon request of a University official, including campus law enforcement or security personnel, will be asked to leave the premises. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary or legal action. In addition:

  • Entry into residence halls is restricted 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to those with ID card access and their invited guests, and employees with legitimate business purposes, such as maintenance and dining center personnel.
  • Entry into administrative facilities is restricted to faculty, staff, students, and guests during the day according to a schedule established at the discretion of each facility, or by prior arrangement for after hours events.
  • When facilities are secured, entry is restricted to authorized faculty, staff, and students; i.e. those with ID card or key access and legitimate business in the building.
  • Persons seeking access to locked University facilities without an ID card or key must provide satisfactory proof of their authorized status to University officials responding to the lockout, or access will be denied.
  • Staff in the Energy Systems & Sustainability Management, Risk Management, Physical Plant, and Public Safety departments have access to all University facilities as necessary for legitimate performance of their duties pertaining to maintenance, cleaning, health and safety.

Policy Administration

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Amended: November 2006