Recreation, Facilities Use


Faculty, staff, and other eligible users

Policy Statement

All students, faculty, and staff members of Syracuse University and ESF are eligible for membership in the Sport Clubs program. In addition, Clubs may allow alumni to participate in their activities. The policiies, rules, and regulations for Sport Clubs are found in the Sport Clubs Handbook.


  1. Students, faculty and staff with currently valid SU, ESF and University College ID cards are eligible to use Syracuse University recreation facilities. The ID card must be shown each time the user enters one of the facilities. There is no charge for the use of recreation facilities with the exception of Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion. There is a charge for faculty, staff, guests, and certain eligible users of the Ice Skating Pavilion.
  2. Guest passes are available for purchase by eligible users under the following conditions:
    1. There is a $5 fee per guest, per pass.
    2. Passes are available at the Department of Recreation Services Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-3:00 p.m.
    3. The guest’s name and address must be provided.
    4. Guests must provide picture ID upon entry.
    5. There is a limit of four guest passes per semester for either guests or hosts.
    6. Eligible users are responsible for their guests and must stay with them.
  3. Spouses, dependents and domestic partners of eligible users may use SU Recreational Facilities under the following conditions:
    1. All spouses, dependents and domestic partners must present a currently valid SU ID card to gain entry to facilities. Cards may be purchased at the ID Card Office.
    2. Spouses and domestic partners may use facilities at all times.
    3. Hours for dependent use may be found at the Department of Recreation Services.
    4. Those 15 years and under must be accompanied by a parent at all times in the facilities and are not permitted to use fitness centers. All dependents must conduct themselves in a manner suited for an adult recreation facility. Violation of this policy can result in the loss of privileges to use the facilities.
    5. Spouses, domestic partners and dependents may not purchase guest passes.
    6. Spouses and domestic partners may register for fitness classes, but are not eligible to participate in intramurals or Sport Clubs.
    7. The Department of Recreation Services reserves the right to revoke individual’s privileges if the above rules are not observed.
  4. Alumni are eligible to use SU Recreation Facilities under the following conditions:
    1. Alumni must purchase a Facility Access Pass from the Department of Recreation Services during business hours. Presentation of an SU Alumni Card, available at the Office of Alumni Relations, is required.
    2. Alumni may participate in Sport Clubs, Wellness, Fitness and Leisure programs.
    3. Alumni are not eligible to participate in Intramurals, locker rental and guest pass privileges.

Usage and Participation

For more information, go to the Recreation Services Website. Please click the hyperlinks for more detail on each of these policies.

  • Lockers and Locker Fees – Participants must provide locks for day lockers. Locker rentals are available for a fee at the Recreation Services Office.
  • Equipment Rental – Limited recreation equipment is available for check out or rental at the Recreation Services Office.
  • Fitness Centers – Sign-in is required. Appropriate exercise attire is required. There is a 25-minute time limit on all cardiovascular machines, with the exception of specified treadmills in the Archbold Fitness Center.
  • Swimming Pools – Lap swimming typically has priority during recreation hours. Children who cannot swim and/or are under 50 inches tall must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion – SU students holding a valid ID card will be admitted at no charge. Others eligible to use SU recreation facilities may purchase passes.
  • Fitness Class Participation – There is a nominal fee for classes. Price rates for faculty, staff and spouses or domestic partners differ from price rates for students. Registration is online only.
  • Event Reservations – Facilities may be reserved by the University community for special tournaments or sports-related activities by completing a Facility Request Form and submitting it to the Recreation Services Office at least two weeks prior to date of the event.
  • Responsibility for Insurance – Syracuse University does not provide insurance coverage for accidents or illnesses incurred while participating in a recreational activity. It is recommended that each individual participant secure his/her own insurance.
  • Camera/Video – Any camera, video or similar technology related to capturing a person’s appearance must have prior approval by the Department of Recreation Services.

Policy Administration

Links to Procedures and Related Information

Amended: May 2007
Amended: 10/8/13