Parking and Transit Policy


Faculty, staff, students, and visitors

Policy Statement

All members of the Syracuse University community must register and pay the applicable fee to Parking and Transit Services for each vehicle they operate on campus. Vehicles not complying with University parking rules and regulations will be ticketed and/or towed by this department or the Department of Public Safety. Parking and Transit Services will be responsible for collecting the applicable charges. Parking is controlled in accordance with the Syracuse University Parking Rules and Regulations.

The Department of Public Safety works with Parking Services to control traffic and parking on campus to ensure the safety of the campus community. Members of the campus community who are granted the right to operate a motor vehicle on campus must follow the University rules and regulations that govern vehicle operation.

All Syracuse University faculty and staff are eligible for vehicle parking permits. Employee fees and permit allocations are based on a sliding scale that takes into account employee classification, salary, years of service and mobility requirements.

All students, except freshmen, are eligible to purchase parking permits. Student fees are determined by parking area and permits are allocated on a priority basis ranked as follows: undergraduate and graduate students residing in residence halls, commuting graduate students, commuting undergraduate students.

Visitors may either park in visitor pay lots or purchase a visitor’s permit from the Parking and Transit Services Office.

The ADA/505/504 legislation requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities; as such, Syracuse University has developed a Quad Shuttle service which more than meets the ADA requirement. All those with handicap plates or placards, applying for parking permits, will be assigned to the Quad Shuttle service. Exceptions must be supported by medical documentation which clearly indicates that the Quad shuttle van cannot physically be accessed by the individual.

Policy Administration

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