Interim Policy for Events on Syracuse University Promenade


Students, Faculy, Staff

I. General Policy Statement

This interim policy is meant to promote the use and enjoyment of the Promenade by the Syracuse University community, including student organizations and academic and administrative departments.

II. Reason for Policy/Purpose

The Syracuse University Promenade is a dynamic, open-air pedestrian plaza and series of terraces that connect and improve access to academic and student buildings, including the Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center, the Bird Library, the Schine Student Center, and the Newhouse School complex. By improving accessibility to these popular campus buildings and prioritizing the pedestrian experience, the Promenade will create a new student life district for the University community. The welcoming design and features of the Promenade invite a variety of new uses and benefits. Like the long-standing policy promoting use of the University’s Quad, this interim use policy is intended to encourage the safe and appropriate use of the Promenade. With this policy guiding use of the Promenade on an interim basis, the University will begin developing a permanent Promenade policy with input from students, faculty and staff, to be implemented by the University’s Policy Advisory Committee.

III. Policy

As with other University spaces, use of the Promenade pedestrian plaza and terraces for Syracuse University-related activities or events must be reserved by an academic or administrative department, or by a registered student organization. Promenade use requests for academic or administrative departments, or registered student organizations must be submitted through the Student Centers & Programming Services (SCPS) website, Requests will be reviewed based on availability and confirmed via email. If you have any questions, please email Bridget M. Yule, Director for SCPS at

IV. Appendices (as applicable)

      1. Procedures

    As part of this interim policy, the following specific reservation procedures and rules of use have been developed after considering existing University policies and the unique characteristics of the Promenade.

        1. General Reservation Procedures and Rules
          • Reservation requests must be submitted to SCPS at least five (5) business days prior to the proposed event, using the form available on the SCPS website –
            • The proposed activity or event must not conflict with scheduled classes or academic programs, or previously scheduled events.
            • Activities and events are not permitted after the last day of classes, reading days or during final examination periods.
          • Event sponsors and participants must adhere to applicable University policies, local and state ordinances, and the Code of Student Conduct.
            • Amplified sound devices are not permitted at any time on the Promenade.
            • A proposed activity or event must not present a safety risk or hazard to the participants, or to others using the Promenade or adjacent space, or to underground utilities. Syracuse University’s Division of Campus Safety and Emergency Services, and/or Physical Plant shall make determinations about safety risks and staffing requirements for proposed activities.
          • Approved activities must not impede the flow of pedestrian traffic or block pathways.
          • Event sponsors are responsible for ensuring that participating organizations or entities that are not affiliated with the University (e.g., charities) provide evidence of appropriate insurance at least (10) business days prior to the activity or event to the Division of Campus Safety and Emergency Services.
          • With the exception of authorized University Bookstore activities, vending or sales of items or other commercial activities are prohibited on the Promenade.
          • Event sponsors are responsible for resource and service costs related to the activity or event (e.g., Public Safety, Safety, Parking, Grounds, etc.) and, at the conclusion of an event, removal of fliers, equipment, and debris related to a permitted activity. Event sponsors should return the event space to the condition in which it was found.
          • The University maintains the right to impose additional time, place and manner restrictions in furtherance of its educational and research mission, and to ensure the safety of the University community and its members.
          • The University reserves the right to refuse or cancel any activity or event, if, at any time before or during an event, it is determined that an event sponsor or participants have breached or misrepresented conditions set forth in these guidelines.
          • Tents or any similar structure are prohibited for use on any part of the Promenade.
        2. Procedures and Rules Applicable to Promenade Pedestrian Plaza Events
          • Event sponsors may use the Promenade pedestrian plaza no more than three (3) times per semester.
          • Activities may be approved for the following times: Monday – Thursday, 8.00 am-10.00 pm; Friday, 8.00 am-6.00 pm; and limited times on Saturdays and Sundays.
          • The Promenade pedestrian plaza may only be used for “moving activities,” such as parades, walks or runs, etc. Persons engaged in these activities must yield right of way to emergency vehicles.
          • The Promenade pedestrian plaza serves as a fire lane, allowing emergency vehicles to reach surrounding buildings. To preserve access for response vehicles, no tables, chairs, or other equipment may be placed on the pedestrian plaza.
        3. Procedures and Rules Applicable to Promenade Terrace Reservations
          • Event sponsors may use the Promenade terraces no more than three (3) times per month.
          • Terrace tables are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. Tables are available from 10.00 am-4.00 pm, Monday – Friday.
          • Event sponsors are only permitted to distribute prepackaged, individually-wrapped food items during events at the terraces. All other catering must follow the Food Services catering policy.
          • Event sponsors should confine their terrace event to 10×10 space.
          • On the day of the event, the sponsoring organization must register with SCPS staff at the Schine Student Information desk.
      1. Definitions
        • “Event sponsors” – As used in this interim policy, this term refers to academic or administrative departments, and registered student organizations.
        • “Promenade” – As used in this interim policy, this term refers to the open-air pedestrian plaza bound by South Crouse Avenue to the west and College Place to the east.
        • “Promenade pedestrian plaza” – As used in this interim policy, this term refers to the flat-surfaced walkway portion of the Promenade running parallel to the Promenade Terraces.
        • “Promenade terraces” – As used in this interim policy, this term refers to the six elevated portions of the Promenade, including those outside of the Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center, Bird Library, Schine Student Center, and the Newhouse School complex.
      2. Forms
      3. Other Related Policies and Documents
      4. Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have questions about this interim policy, please contact the Student Centers & Programming Services (SCPS) at (315) 443-4240, or through the SCPS website at


Posted: August 2016