Budget Carryover Academic/Administrative Offices


Academic/Administrative Offices, excluding Auxiliaries

Policy Statement

As a general rule, unspent budget balances in a department’s general operating budget at the end of a fiscal year will be carried over and made available for expenditure in the next fiscal year. Similarly, any budget deficit will be carried over and subtracted from the next year’s available budget. The budget carryover policy applies only to Educational and General department operating budgets, categories 540000 through 690000. However, if for any reason a deficit occurs in another expense category, that deficit will be subtracted from the calculated carryover. Carryover of salary vacancy credit balances are subject to rules established by each cabinet division head. Restricted and sponsored program account balances at fiscal year end will carry over in accordance with rules applicable to those accounts, including any limitations imposed by sponsors.

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Date: July 2006