Insurance and Claims Reporting Policy



Policy Statement

The University maintains a program for losses of University-owned property that is administered by the Office of Institutional Risk Management Department. The University does not carry insurance to protect the personal property of employees or students and the loss of or damage to such property brought to the University is the responsibility of the owner. Requests for special insurance coverage must be submitted to Office of Institutional Risk Management.

With the exception of cases involving employment practices, notices and correspondence relating to an injury, loss or claim must be directed to Office of Institutional Risk Management for processing. The original of any Summons and Complaint must be delivered to Office of University Counsel immediately upon receipt.

In all instances of theft of University property, the affected department will report the details of the occurrence to the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety will notify Office of Institutional Risk Management that a theft has occurred and Office of Institutional Risk Management will conduct appropriate follow-up investigation and coordinate and process reimbursement, if any.

In the case of thefts of University-owned property other than computer equipment from University-owned buildings, the affected department will absorb a $1,000 deductible per item or $ 2,000 per occurrence, whichever is lower. Fine arts owned by others and under the University’s care, custody, and control are included. Coverage for student art is limited to materials and applies only when the loss occurs while on exhibit at the SU Art Gallery in Sims Hall on main campus. Inventory shortages or thefts in which there are no visible signs of forced entry are not covered.

In the case of thefts of University -owned computer equipment, departments will ensure appropriate security. Computer equipment includes the Central Processing Unit (CPU-mini, micro or portable), screen, keyboard/mouse pad, printers, modems facsimile (fax) and external drives. Appropriate security includes locking rooms/offices when not occupied and securing the computer equipment to a large piece of furniture (desk, tabletop, counter, wall, etc.) or furniture enclosure by means of cables, bolts bars, locking pads, or other similar equipment. For some types of portable computer equipment, e.g. notebooks and laptops, appropriate security would include locking the equipment in a desk or filing cabinet when not in use. There will be no reimbursement for loss of computer equipment that was not secured.

Computer or other equipment on loan to faculty or staff for off-campus use is subject to the Off Premises Use of Major Equipment procedures administered by the Property Management Department in the Office of the Comptroller.

In addition, the University self-funds automobile physical damage (collision and comprehensive) losses to University owned and leased vehicles and the Vehicle Accident Procedures for reporting occurrences apply.

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Amended: February 2007