WAER Policies


Faculty, staff, students, and advertisers

Policy Statement

Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)
WAER-FM accepts public service announcements from non-profit groups and agencies. On-air placement is not guaranteed. All PSA’s must include sponsor, benefit, contact person and telephone number. Allow three weeks before the date of the event.

Placed Nonprofit Announcements (PNA’s)
Placed nonprofit announcements are pre-produced 20 second spots with a specific on-air schedule. PNA’s are available to nonprofit organizations wishing to publicize an event at a reduced cost.

News, Public Affairs, Sports
WAER’s news department covers press conferences and newsworthy events.

Corporate Underwriting
WAER provides marketing opportunities for commercial, for-profit companies wishing to be closely associated with specific programming. The language used in program underwriting announcements must comply with FCC rules.

Policy Administration

Amended: September 2005