Sales Tax and Tax-Exempt Identification Numbers



Policy Statement

Syracuse University’s exemption from state sales taxes and from federal and state income taxes, together with the related sales tax number and tax-exempt organization identification number, are the exclusive property of Syracuse University. No person (except an authorized employee using them for and on behalf of Syracuse University) or entity other than Syracuse University may use Syracuse University’s tax-exempt status and identification numbers at any time for any reason. This prohibition extends to those organizations and groups which maintain an affiliation with Syracuse University, such as alumni clubs and booster clubs. Any person or entity violating this policy may be prosecuted for fraud and for applicable violations of the New York Taxation Law, the Internal Revenue Code, and/or any relevant violations of State or Federal criminal law. In addition, if the individual or entity has any affiliation with Syracuse University, such affiliation may be terminated by Syracuse University.

Policy Administration

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Amended: May 2007