Payroll Authorization and Payroll Records



Policy Statement

To ensure that the University’s records are accurate, and for tax reporting purposes, all new hire employees must have a copy of their Social Security Card sent to the Payroll Service Center. If an employee does not have a card, a receipt from the Social Security Administration indicating application for a card must be sent to the Payroll Service Center. Upon receipt of the card, the employee must submit a copy of it to the Payroll Service Center. Additionally, any Demographic Action Notice (DAN) form or form W-4 submitted for an existing employee that indicates a name or social security number other than what is currently on the employee’s payroll record, must also have a copy of the employee’s Social Security Card attached. To obtain a card, an individual must complete Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card, and submit it to the Social Security Administration.

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Amended: September 2005