Forward Funding Policy For New Or Continuing Sponsored Awards


Principal Investigators/Project Directors (PI/PD) of sponsored awards, their associated chairs and deans, and unit or departmental budget managers.

Policy Statement


Forward funding facilitates the start up of a sponsored project and eliminates the need for cost transfers at a later date. For continuing year budget segments, forward funding helps ensure (i) the timely management of payroll or other billings, (ii) the efficient management of departmental resources when preparing the next fiscal year’s budget, and (iii) the less frequent use of salary holding accounts for sponsored activities. To facilitate compliance with effort reporting practices for both new and continuing awards, forward funding chartstrings should be used when applicable.


Syracuse University permits the creation of forward funding chartstrings to facilitate the efficient conduct of sponsored projects and the responsible financial management of awards consistent with University and sponsor guidelines, and federal laws and regulations. Forward funding requests are made by the PI/PD, authorized by his/her department or unit, and subject to review and approval by the Office of Sponsored Programs to ensure that the benefits to the University and sponsor exceed the financial and administrative risks to the University. Approved forward funding chartstrings are created by the Office of Sponsored Accounting and communicated to departments by the Office of Sponsored Programs (the same as funded sponsored projects).

Forward funded chartstrings may be created if

  • the likelihood of award is very high;
  • allowable startup or continuation costs need to be incurred to facilitate the efficient conduct or administration of the project, and;
  • all regulatory requirements have been fulfilled.

In the event the anticipated award is not received or costs incurred are subsequently determined to be unallowable by the sponsor or University, forward funded costs will be transferred to the departmental or unit chartstring provided at the time of request.

Subcontracts: Forward funding may not be used for subcontract expenditures on which Syracuse University is prime or higher tier entity unless explicitly authorized in writing by the Vice President for Research prior to expenditures being incurred.

Policy Administration

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Date: June 26, 2014