Chemical Hygiene for Laboratories



Policy Statement

Employees of the University who work in a chemical use laboratory are expected to fulfill the requirements of the University‚Äôs Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) written in conjunction with the OSHA Laboratory Standard 29 CFR 1910.1450, “Occupational Exposures to Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories”. The SU Chemical Hygiene Plan, serves as a guide and establishes a required performance standard for all responsible individuals. Typical responsibilities are briefly reviewed below, and are discussed in detail in the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Laboratory Principal Investigators, supervisors, laboratory personnel, and as necessary, department heads, are responsible to:

  • register their laboratory and operation with the Environmental Health Office as requested,
  • ensure the provision and documentation of appropriate training for workers, and ensure that protective equipment/clothing is provided and used,
  • provide regular inspections of all laboratory facilities for chemical hygiene plan compliance including operational emergency equipment and housekeeping status
  • understand and meet current applicable and University requirements for management of hazardous materials and,
  • ensure that facilities and equipment, written standard operating procedures, and personnel training are adequate and complete, and ensure the safety of laboratory personnel, prior to use of any hazardous materials or equipment in the laboratory,
  • plan and conduct each operation in compliance with the requirements of the CHP, and good laboratory hygiene practices,
  • understand and follow safety rules and standard operating procedures,
  • report to appropriate personnel any unsafe conditions or activities in order to eliminate these conditions or activities, and
  • attend training as required by the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Policy Administration

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