Radiation Producing Equipment


Faculty, staff, and students

Policy Statement

The possession and use of ionizing radiation producing equipment (x-ray equipment, electron microscopes, etc.) must be conducted in compliance with NYS DOH Sanitary Code (10 NYCRR Part 16), the University’s Radiation Protection Program, and in a manner that keeps radiation exposures as low as reasonably achievable and within applicable exposure limits.

The University’s Radiation Safety Officer, in conjunction with the University’s Radiation Safety Committee and in accordance with NYS DOH Sanitary Code, directs the use of radiation producing equipment on campus. All possession, use or purchases of radiation producing equipment must receive prior approval from the Radiation Safety Committee and all radiation producing equipment must be registered with the NYS Department of Health through the Environmental Health Office (EHO). All ionizing radiation equipment operators must be properly trained prior to any use of radiation producing equipment.

Policy Administration

Date: August 2005