Hazardous Materials Storage


Faculty, staff, and students

Policy Statement

All storage of hazardous materials on University owned or operated property is in accordance with applicable federal (i.e. OSHA Lab Standard), state (NYS Fire Code) and local regulations and pertinent University program requirements (i.e. Chemical Hygiene Plan). All departments storing hazardous materials should minimize the potential occupation safety concerns by:

  • keeping a reasonable minimum of materials on hand (1-2 weeks supply).
  • providing separate areas of suitable design for long term storage.
  • storing hazardous materials in their original containers with a label that lists all chemical constituents and associated hazards.
  • keeping an accurate and registered inventory with the Environmental Health Office (EHO).
  • ensuring that materials transferred from original containers into secondary/intermediate temporary containers (i.e., into spray bottles or other) are stored in appropriate, safe, compatible containers of five gallons or less.
  • ensuring that each container is clearly labeled with its contents using the full chemical name or trade name (whichever corresponds to Section II of the Material Safety Data Sheet for that product).
  • ensuring that secondary/intermediate containers are properly labeled, with no exceptions for daily or temporary use.

Policy Administration

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Amended: September 2005