Hazard Communication: Multi-Employer Information Exchange


Faculty and staff

Policy Statement

A Multi-Employer Workplace Program has been established to provide the exchange of pertinent hazard communication information in a multi-employer setting at the University. Contracting department personnel who hire outside employers must provide a multi-employer packet to all contractors and sub-contractors, advising them of their obligations.

The University seeks to minimize occupational hazards to employees and expects contractors and sub-contractors to act responsibly by:

  • Completing and submitting a multi-employer packet that requires information on hazardous materials they will use on University projects and submitting the information to the Environmental Health Office (EHO) prior to commencing work at the University.
  • Providing and maintaining an accessible, on-site location for Material Safety Data Sheets that is available to all employees for the duration of the project.
  • Posting in a safe area and available to all employees a “Precautionary Measures” sign.

Contracting department supervisors must review the project area prior to project commencement and remove physical and chemical hazards that may present a hazard to the project contractor or sub-contractor. Where this is not possible, a comprehensive list of physical and chemical hazards that remain in the project area must be submitted to EHO, posted conspicuously and made available to all employees potentially affected.

Policy Administration

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Amended: September 2005