Radioactive Materials


Faculty, staff, and students

Policy Statement

The use of radioactive materials at the University is governed by the University’s Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) in accordance with appropriate regulations and license conditions. The RSC operates under authority of the University’s New York State Department of Health (NYS DOH) Broad Scope Radioactive Material License.

All procedures incorporating the use of any radioactive material must be approved by the RSC prior to commencement and performed in accordance with NYS DOH regulations and SU Program requirements All requisitions for radioactive material purchases (including devices containing radioactive materials not “generally licensed”) must be approved by the Environmental Health Office (EHO) prior to purchase. All radioactive material must be secured from unauthorized use at all times and all radioactive waste must be disposed of through EHO in accordance with Program and regulatory requirements. All individuals who propose to use radioactive materials must arrange through EHO for training in the hazards associated with ionizing radiation and the related rules and regulations.

Policy Administration

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Amended: August 2005