Access to HR Data



Policy Statement

HR Systems encompasses the computing functions within the Human Resources department.

Access to HR data will be granted only to those people with a direct job-related need for such access. Each University department has submitted a list of users authorized to access HR data for employees in their departments. The Office of Human Resources must be notified, in advance, of any changes to the list of authorized users. Any dissemination of HR data beyond this list must be approved by the Office of Human Resources. If so approved, any further dissemination of HR data requires the requester to provide recipients with a copy of this policy statement or inform them of its contents.

The use of Human Resources data for the solicitation of employees or distribution of advertising materials, handbills, or printed or written literature of any kind to employees is prohibited. The dataset may only be used for the purpose for which it was created. Any other use will be considered unauthorized use of the data.

Any formal reporting or distribution of this data or use in a published document must be approved in advance by the Chief Human Resources Officer. The Office of Human Resources reserves the right to review all material produced from the data being provided. Human Resources data, once released, remains under the control of the Chief Human Resources Officer. Any use of this data for purposes other than originally authorized is not approved. Human Resources data shall not be duplicated or redistributed without the approval of the Chief Human Resources Officer.

Secure Remote Access

Anyone accessing enterprise data from a non-campus location must be authorized to access the data and authorized to work remotely and comply with the Secure Remote Access Policy and the Security Standards for secure electronic communications.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists will be released only to Syracuse University employees for authorized Syracuse University business. A copy of any material(s) to be distributed must accompany the request. Human Resources data is the property of the University and represents official University records. In accepting access to this data, the authorized requester has accepted full responsibility for its proper use, security, and disposal.

Policy Administration

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Amended: February 2007