Approval of Non-Faculty Positions and Searches


All non-faculty positions including professional librarians

Policy Statement

All full-time and regular part-time non-faculty positions, including professional librarians, are assigned a position identification number (PIN). PINs are automatically assigned to positions funded by sponsored research or sponsored teaching at the request of the department head.

For University-funded positions, requests to (1) create new PINs and conduct a search, (2) conduct a search to fill an existing vacant PIN, and (3) make any changes to existing occupied PINs require completion of the Position Evaluation Request (PER) form signed by the appropriate cabinet member, the vice chancellor and provost, and the executive vice president and chief financial officer.

For classified positions, the signed Position Evaluation Request (PER) form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Human Resources will determine the appropriate classification, including exempt or non-exempt status under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and will assign the position to a pay category.

For unclassified positions, the signed approval form must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources accompanied by a Position Approval Memo (PAM) and any updates to the position specifications that are contained in the PeopleAdmin system.

Policy Administration

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Amended: April 2005
June 2009