Education Benefits, Remitted Tuition Benefit Policy


Benefits Eligible Employees

Policy Statement

The awarding of the Remitted Tuition Benefit (RTB) is administered by the Office of Human Resources. To be eligible for benefits under the Policy, an employee must be classified as a Benefits Eligible Employee (as defined in the Benefits Eligibility Policy). Full-time Benefits Eligible faculty and staff may receive a full tuition waiver for up to twelve credit hours each academic year. Part-time Benefits Eligible faculty and staff may receive a full tuition waiver for up to nine credit hours. Eligible retired employees may continue to be eligible for the same number of credit hours as when actively employed.Some or all of an eligible employee’s or eligible retiree’s RTB may be transferred to an eligible spouse or same-sex domestic partner. Beginning with the fall 2010 semester, the value of the tuition waiver on the credit hours transferred to an eligible spouse or same-sex domestic partner will be equal to 85 percent.

RTB credits are awarded in mid-July each year for use during the fall, spring or summer semesters immediately following. Credits do not carry over from year to year; any credits not used are forfeited. Credit hours may not be borrowed from a future year to be used in a current year.

The RTB is restricted to tuition charges only for undergraduate and graduate courses taken at Syracuse University. Up to six credit hours may be taken by an employee per semester or summer session. An employee may exceed six credit hours in a single semester or take classes during regular work hours, with the permission of the supervisor. SU reserves the right to restrict the use of RTB for certain workshops, non-credit courses and special courses. RTB may not be used for courses offered through SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry, SUNY Upstate Medical Center, Project Advance, or private instruction. RTB may not be used for tuition charges incurred by students who are matriculated in the Masters in Public Health program (whose courses are cross listed at Upstate Medical Center and Syracuse University). Students who are not matriculated in the Masters of Public Health program but take courses in the MPH curriculum, may have RTB applied.

New employees will be awarded a pro-rated number of credit hours in their first year, based upon date of hire. If an employee terminates during the year, the total year benefit will be pro-rated based upon his or her termination date and no benefits for future semesters will be authorized. If the employee terminates during a semester when RTB was used by the employee or spouse or eligible same-sex domestic partner, the employee will be billed for any remaining balance after the pro-rated credits have been applied.

RTB Taxability

RTB may be taxable to the employee, and if so, is subject to tax withholding by the University at the time the benefit is used. Employees should review the information on remitted tuition taxability located on the Comptroller’s Office website especially if they are using RTB for graduate level courses or are transferring credit hours to an eligible spouse or same-sex domestic partner.

Policy Administration

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Amended: February 2007
May 2012