Leave, Blood Donation



Policy Statement

Syracuse University complies with New York State labor laws regarding the provision of leave time to employees for the purpose of donating blood. Supervisors are required to 1) grant at least one leave of absence (up to 3 hours) in any calendar year to an employee who seeks to donate blood; or 2) allow employees without use of accumulated leave time to donate blood during work hours at least two times per year at a convenient time and place set by the employer, including allowing an employee to participate in a blood drive at employee’s place of employment.

Leave granted to employees for off-premises blood donation is not required to be paid leave. Leave taken by employees at a company-designated donation alternative (such as an employer-sponsored blood drive at the workplace) must be paid leave that is provided without requiring the employee to use accumulated vacation, personal, or other leave time.

Policy Administration

Date: January 2010