Leave, Sick Time for Immediate Family Illness – Exempt Staff


Benefits eligible exempt staff employees

Policy Statement

Benefits eligible exempt staff employees may charge time off to care for an ill/injured child, spouse/same-sex domestic partner or parent to sick time in the same manner as for personal illness, up to five (5) consecutive days.

See the Salary Continuation Plan for eligible employee personal illness policies. Absences of more than three consecutive days due to personal or family illness may be covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), if eligible. See “Family and Medical Leave” for information on FMLA policies.

All staff employees remain subject to University policies relating to time away from work and absenteeism. The University has discretion to determine, based on individual circumstances and the needs of a particular work area, whether absences are excessive and constitute abuse of University policies. Excessive absenteeism and/or abuse of University policies may result in discipline, up to and including discharge.

The University reserves the right to interpret its sick time policies and to amend, modify, or terminate those policies at any time.

Policy Administration

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Date: April 2005