Leave, Expanded Funeral/Bereavement in Times of War/National Emergencies


Benefits eligible staff employees

Policy Statement

Benefits eligible staff employees may request a bereavement leave with pay for up to ten (10) workdays to assist in the grieving process for friends, colleagues or family members lost as a result of United States participation in a declared war or in times of extreme national emergency when the Chancellor determines Expanded Bereavement Leave to be justified. This ten-day leave includes the standard funeral/bereavement leave of three (3) workdays for immediate family members. Eligible employees may request unpaid leave in addition to the ten-day paid leave. All such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, contingent on the approval of the employee’s supervisor. Eligible employees granted additional unpaid leave may, with supervisor approval, use accrued unused vacation time from the current year to cover an extended absence.

Policy Administration

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Date: April 2005