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Policy Statement

Hiring departments are required to follow the search process described below prior to extending a job offer. A Position Evaluation Request (PER) form is required for new positions or change of position information. Once the PER form is completed and approved by the appropriate dean, director, or department head, it should be sent to the Human Resources Service Center for processing. For changes in position information including title changes a Position Evaluation Request (PER) form must also be completed and forwarded to the Human Resources Service Center.

Search Proposal: An online Search Proposal form must be completed by the search committee chair prior to commencing a search for a staff or faculty vacancy and electronically submitted to the Office of Human Resources for review and approval. Approval and/or recommendations will be returned to the search committee chairperson within two working days of receipt.

Internal Recruitment: Supervisors are encouraged to fill staff vacancies with internal candidates and procedures are in place to assist in doing so. Hiring supervisors should contact an employment specialist in Human Resources for further assistance. In most cases, a search proposal will be completed and forwarded to Human Resources for approval, indicating that the recruitment efforts are confined to current University employees.

Hiring Proposal: A completed Hiring Proposal form must be completed online and submitted electronically to Human Resources when a final candidate for a position is identified, but prior to making a job offer. Human Resources will review the proposal and render a decision within two working days.

Syracuse University complies with all state and federal guidelines regarding immigration acts and other government regulations governing the hiring of citizens and non-citizens.

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Date: November 2006