Working Retirees, Benefits



Policy Statement

Faculty and staff who have retired from their full-time or regular part-time positions may be rehired as temporary employees. They may be rehired to do the same or similar work. The determination of the rate of pay is at the discretion of the hiring supervisor or department head.

Before a retired faculty or staff member is rehired, the Office of Human Resources must be contacted in order to determine what benefits may have to be provided to the rehired employee to comply with applicable federal regulations. Those benefits could vary, depending upon the number of hours the rehired employee will work and other factors. The Office of Human Resources will specify what benefits are required to be provided, and who will be responsible for paying for those benefits.

The benefits that working retirees receive generally will be based on their status as a retiree (e.g., the retiree medical and prescription drug plans will apply, rather than the medical and prescription drug plans for non-retired employees). Their status as a working retiree generally will not result in additional benefits, other than possible contributions to the retirement plans if the requirements of those plans are satisfied.

Policy Administration

Amended: May 2008