Non-Immigrant or Foreign National Employee Policy



Policy Statement

Part-time Employment

Syracuse University will support an H-1B petition for part-time employment only where the position is at an hourly rate of pay that meets Department of Labor standards and where the employee will be reporting hours weekly through the University’s payroll system. Department of Labor requirements and restrictions make it impossible for an individual to receive H-1B visa status for any salaried, exempt, part-time position (e.g., adjunct professor).

Initiation of Permanent Residency Process

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of Labor require that foreign national employees must be in a permanent and full-time position in order to be eligible for a university-sponsored petition for permanent residency. The permanent residency process may not be initiated for any staff or researcher until he/she has been employed for at least one year by Syracuse University. Teaching faculty positions may begin the permanent residency process at any time.

Policy Administration

Date: January 2003