Outside Professional Consulting by Non-Faculty Employees


Non-facutly employees

Policy Statement

The University will permit staff to perform outside consulting for remuneration, subject to the following stipulations:

  • Prior to the undertaking, the staff member must notify his supervisor of the consulting engagement.
  • No employee may engage in outside professional consulting if it conflicts with University duties and responsibilities.
  • No employee may engage in outside employment that will bring him/her, as an expert, consultant, investigator or in any other capacity, into opposition to the interests of the University.
  • No employee may serve as a private consultant to any individual, company, corporation or agency on a project or activity covered by an agreement between such an organization and the University.
  • Prior to participating in an outside consulting engagement, an employee must notify his client in writing that the employee is acting as an individual, that the University is in no way a party to the agreement, and that the University will not be responsible or liable for the performance or results of such consultation.
  • University stationery will not be used by the employee in the performance of his consulting assignment.
  • Use of departmental facilities, computing resources, materials and supplies, or the employment of University support staff while on University time, will not be permitted in support of a consulting engagement.
  • No travel expense or advance will be paid by the University for private consulting activities, regardless of later reimbursement by the consultant.
  • Payment for private consulting activities is a matter between the client and consultant. The University will not act as an agent of either the consultant or his/her client.

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Date: April 2005