Leave, Expanded for Public Service Activities in Times of War/National Emergencies


Benefits eligible staff employees

Policy Statement

Benefits eligible staff employees may request a leave with pay to volunteer their services for activities related to United States participation in a declared war or in times of extreme national emergency when the Chancellor determines Expanded Leave for Public Service to be justified. The request must be submitted to the eligible employee’s supervisor and will be considered for up to ten (10) workdays in duration. Leave decisions will be made at the supervisor’s discretion based on the ability of the department to accommodate the absence. One expanded public service leave will be granted per eligible employee during the applicable period of war or national emergency and will be granted with pay for no longer than ten (10) workdays.

Eligible employees may request an extension of such a public service leave for up to an additional ten (10) workdays. This additional time can only be taken by applying unused vacation time from the current year to cover the absence or may be taken without pay if the individual’s vacation accrual has been exhausted.

Bargaining unit staff employees are eligible for such leave in accordance with this policy and the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

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Date: April 2005